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The University of Applied Sciences (Hessische Hochschule für Polizei und Verwaltung) was founded in 1980 and is a state-run college of higher education with emphasis on administration, police and public safety. Qualified administrative specialists, future executives in public administration and Police officers are all trained here.

We want to ensure that all our graduates are qualified to handle legal cases, can make legally reliable decisions, are competent in the planning and proper execution of administrative tasks. Most important, for the civil servants´ training in the federal state of Hesse, is the belief in the state under the rule of law, the guarantee of safety and the protection of civil liberties. Equally important aims are the promotion of sustainability for a lasting protection of our environment and citizen-friendly administration.


Departments and Staff

In the Department of Public Administration, our students are trained in the fields of public and private law, municipal law, laws dealing with the violation of administrative rules, psychology, economics and management skills.
After successful completion of their studies (three years), the students obtain a Bachelors degree and are qualified to enter the German civil service or to become staff of the state pension scheme provider. Students interested in further studies can obtain a Master of Public Management

In the Department of Police, our students undergo a three-year course and are trained in the fields of civil law, criminal law, law of assembly, operational theory, police law, police management, police powers, public and constitutional law, traffic law etc. Having passed their exams, they receive a Bachelors degree and are entitled to join the Police of Hessen as uniformed officers or as CID officers.

Our lecturers are qualified not only in their main subjects but also in educational theory in order to guarantee a high standard of education. Temporary lecturers with ample experience as police officers, lawyers, judges, public prosecutors or members of senior sectors of the civil service complete our staff. Relevant professional experience and close cooperation with government agencies are both essential.

Students who decide to enrol for our university have the choice of four different university campuses in Gießen, Kassel, Mühlheim and Wiesbaden. Our study groups are limited to 25 students.